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Updated: Information for President Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

“Discover how Easy Hardship Letter Samples will help stop foreclosure and save your family’s home!”

That’s right — This is the highest quality product for creating the most persuasive hardship letters your lender has ever seen and it is now free!

From: J. Gillham, Tuesday 3:23 PM

Dear Homeowner,

Yourhardship letter to your mortgage lender may be one of the
hardest letters you ever write but it doesn’t have to be this way.
I understand the feeling of helplessness when facing foreclosure and
thinking how can you can get help from big lenders that have been
receiving billions of our tax dollars.

  • A poorly written hardship letter that does not contain the information
    your lender is looking for will almost certainly delay your loan
    modification or short sale application and increase the chances your
    house will be foreclosed on.
  • You may be suffering from writers block, not knowing how to start a hardship letter.
  • You may even be considering hiring a 3rd party loan modification company
    for $1500-$3000 to simply fill out forms and create a partly customized
    hardship letter. You don’t have to!
  • Many homeowners who failed to follow some simple steps that you will
    discover in the Ultimate Guide to Hardship Letters when they contacted
    their lenders have had their homes foreclosed.

With the Ultimate Guide to Hardship Letters Book you will avoid all the above problems!

Imagine if you never had to worry about your family’s home being foreclosed again.

It could be your reality….

Introducing the most thorough easy to follow Hardship Letters Kit ever!

Easy Hardship Letter Kit

Easy Hardship Letters Kit

With the Easy Hardship Letters Kit you will receive the “Ultimate Guide to Easy Hardship Letters” EBook which provides…

Insider tips and tricks

Detailed step by step template

How to separate emotions from your letter

Hardship letter checklist

Loan Modification application tips

The #1 mistake that could cost you your home

Ultimate Guide To Easy Hardship Letters Sneak Peak


Up until recently the thought of foreclosure only happened to other people. They were the ones who lost their homes, not you. This was because they gambled away paychecks or never sought out good-paying jobs in order to afford their homes.

But now here you are in the same position when you did everything right. You played by the rules and still you dread the thought when your family may have to leave the very home that you worked over half your adult life to get.

Now, clear that thought. Imagine yourself with this nightmare behind you, maybe five or ten years down the road. You are calm and happy, and so is your family. Why? Because there was no foreclosure proceedings. You and your family stayed in your current home and never had to move into a small, cramped apartment. And you never were forced to rely on charity form friends and family.

Yes, that part of your life was extremely hard but you got through it because you took control of the situation and became the bat instead of the ball. In fact the day you took the reins may be remembered as one the proudest days of your life. You faced a great fear, the prospect of losing your home, but did something about it and turned the tide in your favor.

As you look back from five or ten years in the future the decision you made to become accountable for your own destiny will be a bright light instead of a dark void. In fact it may be the defining point of your life.

For you to achieve this incredible feeling of power and absolution we have designed a manual for empowerment, a remarkable guide that’s been used a working model by thousands of homeowners who have shared your very plight. It will give you the power to assess your situation, navigate through the tricky financial minefields and produce a professional-quality hardship letter.

The vital information you need is right here in this guide. It will assist you in dealing with your lender, explaining to this person that you are worthy of staying in your home because you have a definite plan.

However, time is not on your side so you have to get your plan into action immediately. Your family is depending on it. So don’t procrastinate and say that this can wait until next week or even tomorrow. Get on it now!

The Vital Steps

Step One: Writing a hardship is instrumental to the whole cause but you must itemize you goals and get them down in a clear and concise manner. We teach you to learn how to “read” your lender and find out exactly what he or she wants to get the plan in motion. Does the lender consider your situation a bonafide hardship? If not you better clear this up. Because an unresolved hardship is a very tough position to be in so you will learn the steps to maneuver yourself into a beneficial position.

Step Two: This is where the work really begins. You need to learn to write a hardship letter that will stand head and shoulders above the others on the lender’s pile. We will show you the “mechanics” of the hardship letter and how it relates to your qualification process. Through this process you will learn insider tips to keep in mind during the writing process. Next we will write a successful hardship letter using all of the ammunition contained in the lesson and, as well, learning how to avoid the common mistakes that hamper many people with their letters.

Step Three: At the end of most how-to manuals you may find a sample hardship letter. However, in our guide you will find instructions in how to write hardship letters for many leading lenders:

• Countrywide
• Wells Fargo
• Chase
• Bank of America
• Citibank
• Wahovia

This information allows you to zero in on the lender that applies to you because your hardship letter is geared to that bank.

Step Four: The Hardship Letter Checklist. After you’ve written the hardship letter you can use the checklist to write your hardship letter for your particular lender. By using the checklist you will be certain that you will not leave any essential elements.

Your hardship letter is a personal correspondence between you and the lender. Each one is different and only you can make your own personal pitch to the lender to avoid foreclosure. By reading through this guide and following the direction of experienced professionals you will be on the path to peace and financial certainty for both you and your family.

…Plus Much Much More!!

See what other homeowners have had to say…

“I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I made that purchase”
Hardship Letter Sample TestimonialWhen the economy took a downturn, my husband was laid off from his job and we were on the verge of losing our home. We had never dealt with a situation like that and we were at a loss, as to where to start. We are in our mid-thirties and didn’t want to have to start all over at this phase in our life.
While searching the internet, I stumbled upon your book. I am always skeptical of these types of things, but with the quality of the free information that you provided, I opted to purchase the guide to Easy Hardship Letters. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am that I made that purchase! Prior to reading your book, I wasn’t sure what forms and documentation the lender would want and I was too afraid to call them before we had a plan for resolution. Your guide gave us the information that we needed and we were able to save our home.
Thank you!
Kristen Garrett
Springfield, IL
“gave us all the steps and tools we needed to keep our home.”
When my company went through layoffs and I lost my job my husband and I just couldn’t make ends meet anymore. We depleted our savings and were facing foreclosure – losing our home was not an option as we knew we would not find a rental for a family of five that was any cheaper than our current mortgage was. We had a plan to get back on track, but it required money we just didn’t have at the time and we were running out of time almost as fast as we had run out of money!
Reading the “Easy Hardships Letter Kit” not only taught us that we could ask our lender to help us, but it also showed us how we could request help from our lender in a proactive way and gave us all the steps and tools we needed to keep our home!
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Kimberly Gilespie
San Antonio, Texas
“it had everything we needed”
Easy Hardship Letter KitFinding the Hardship Survival Kit gave me and my family a second chance. I mean, there we were facing foreclosure and who knew we could ask our lender to help? And THEN I found this book online and it had everything we needed! All the tools and all the information we needed in order to keep our home was right there!
It told us we COULD actually ask our lender to help us and it told us EXACTLY what we needed to do to write an effective hardship letter to get the help we needed. This guide was SO EASY to understand – all the steps were right there!
We finally got the help we needed and thanks to this Hardship Survival Guide we get to keep our home!
Steve Timpson
Flint, Michigan

Hardship Letter Sample - Free Download

Order Now and Receive Incredible Bonuses!

BONUS 1: 4 Hardship Letter Templates
Sample Hardship Letter Templates 4 Expertly Written Hardship Letters
You can use these hardship letters and customize them in any of your favorite document editors…

Expertly written

Proven Effectiveness

Easily and Quickly customized to your situation

The letters can be easily customized following the instructions in the “Ultimate Guide to Easy Hardship Letters  for all the major lenders including:


Wells Fargo


Bank of America




BONUS 2: Successful Loan Modification Agreement Examples
In addition to the Ultimate Guide to Hardship Letters and Hardship Letter Templates you will receive a document that shows what successful loan modification agreements look like ..
See what worked and how you can duplicate it
Shows you that successful outcomes are possible!

WARNING: Don’t spend over $1500 for a Loan Modification company to create a Hardship Letter that you can do yourself….EASY!

In Fact! Many Loan Modification Companies have purchased my templates and charge well over $1500 to simply customize them for your situation.

Create a better Hardship Letter yourself and save over $1000

This information could all be easily sold for a lot more than FREE

  • “Ultimate Guide to Easy Hardship Letters” $90 – Value
  • “Hardship Letter Templates” $30/per letter -Value
  • “Loan Modification Examples” $50 – Value
  • Total Value = $260

However, I understand the financial pressure all of us are under now and that is why I am offering so much information and value for such a low price.

100% Guaranteed
I am taking all the risk away
The product is yours to keep!

If the Easy Hardship Letter kit does not exceed your expectations I will give you 100% of your money back and you can still keep the entire kit FREE!

You heard me correctly. This amazing guide is guaranteed to work for you. And I stand behind it 100%. Test drive it for 60 days.

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with it for any reason (or for no reason at all) just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with no questions asked.

But the entire system is still yours to keep free forever.

There are no questions asked, no “wiggle clauses” and no funny business.

You have 60 full days to put it to work for you, and either you love it or you get a refund and keep it free. Wouldn’t it be great if everything came with this kind of guarantee?

You have absolutely no risk…and everything to gain!

Start Immediately!

With millions of Americans contacting their lenders it is more important than ever that your hardship letter cut through the clutter and stand out.

You can be living in your home with it firmly in your control, start now, whether its 2pm or 2am you can download and create one of the most important letters your family will ever need.

Start now and have you letter created in just a couple of hours!

Hardship Letter Sample - Free Download

To your success,

James SIgnature

J. Gillham

P.S.You do not need to feel lost with how to begin fighting the bank to keep your home, with the Easy Hardship Letter Kit you will quickly understand how to create one of the best hardship letters your lender has ever received

P.P.S. I am taking all the risk away, with my guarantee if you are at all unsatisfied request a full refund and the Hardship Letter Kit including both bonuses are yours to keep!

P.P.P.S. Due to the demand and positive feedback this helpful product has received it would make sense for me to increase the price, however, if you feel this product would benefit you please purchase it before I do so.

Yes, I want to create an effective hardship letter that will help me save my home from foreclosed

Remember I am taking all the risk, you may request a refund if you are at all unsatisfied. If you order now you will instantly receive:

  • Ultimate Guide to Easy Hardship Letters EBook
  • Bonus 1: 4 Hardship Letter Templates you can customize easily
  • Bonus 2: Examples of successful loan modifications

I understand that this price is an temporary offer and will increase soon It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card details this instant!

Hardship Letter Sample - Free Download

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